We are Knaresborough delivers… and we’ve set up specially to bring local shops and small businesses closer to the community of Knaresborough.

We deliver food, household essentials and local goodies to the Knaresborough community.

Local produce, delivered locally. A simple way to support your local shops and businesses in Knaresborough!

Here’s one of our founders Ashleigh Lambert talking with Knaresborough TV, filmed by Rader Film & Video

Our ambition

Our ambition is to continue to support local businesses long after lock down. We’re aware many small businesses are unable to get online, and those that can are having difficulties competing against big businesses.

We believe we can help to virtualise our high streets and make it easier and greener than ever for people to shop locally.


To achieve our ambitions we’ve made sustainability a major part of our focus. By providing localised distributions services, and by utilising intelligent computer programs, we are significantly reducing transport mileage on every delivery.

This is something that big businesses are unable to complete with – simply by how their distribution networks operate. This gives us a significant edge on long term sustainability, and it’s something that we are really proud of.

Our local support