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FREE local delivery

On all orders over £100

Next day delivery

On orders placed before 3pm

Support local shops

90% goes back to businesses

No minimum order

Get any item delivered

Delivered before 5pm

Our drivers are out from 12noon

With the help of our partners in local businesses, our focus to date has been to feed the community. Getting food to those who are most in need, whilst spending our profits on essentials that we’ve all struggled to obtain.

But now times are changing – we’re heading towards a new normal and that means a change in the needs of the community.

To adapt to this we’re shifting our focus!

We are now making it easier, more viable and more affordable for ALL local businesses, to get online and take part in our journey to create a virtual high street. “Yes card shops this includes you too”

We’re giving more money back to businesses, than any other delivery services out there.

A whopping 90% of the price you pay for a product goes directly back to the local business we’ve helped to get online throughout this pandemic.

We don’t charge businesses any setup fees and pride ourselves on reinvesting any money we make into advertising and promoting our beautiful historic town.

To achieve this crucial support for our treasured local businesses, we are adding a small delivery charge for customers and removing the minimum order for delivery.
This small charge will help us generate work for local delivery drivers whilst giving more back to the local economy.

It is with this that we say goodbye to Knaresborugh Delivers essentials range and we say hello to more Knaresborough selections, collaborations, farm foods and gift sets.

The only way our local economy can bounce back is if we all invest and spend locally. “together we are stronger”
On average, 74% of the money you spend locally, stays in the local economy.
Let’s get together, grow Knaresborough’s economy and strive to support our community.

We’ll be here working hard to build a local delivery system that works for the community – in the meantime, if you have any feedback or ideas on our venture, don’t hesitate to reach out and be heard! Please let us know what you think by contacting us on

Thank you!

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