“I Need Good Coffee”

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Are these the words coming out of your mouth?

Fear not this is the blog for you!

Before lockdown us brits loved nothing more than going to a coffee shop with friends, family and work colleagues, many of us even turned our local coffee shops into our own personal office. Here we held meetings and worked the hours away, whilst enjoying a vibrant atmosphere along with undeniable taste of freshly ground coffee!

Oh, how that feels like a distant memory doesn’t it?
We all know how much we miss visiting our local coffee shop but, what about how it has affected them. We have dedicated our monthly blog to “Number Thirteen Knaresborough’s local coffee shop”

Number Thirteen is a retro -inspired, eco-conscious coffee shop and cakery.
Sustainability is at the root of their ethos, as is the promotion of a sustainable way of life.
Among other things, everything in the shop has been sourced from charity shops, boot fairs, auction houses and garage sales; making everything either preloved, upcycled or handmade; all in their bid to reduce carbon footprint and make the running of the shop as sustainable as possible.

Priding themselves on a range of gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan-friendly home baking they ensure their food range is suitable for everyone! But most importantly the taste is sensational!

Even though Number Thirteen has thought of everything, they cater for all customers needs and have amazing coffee! Nothing could have prepared them for COVID 19! Like, every other pub, restaurant and café in the country on March 20th, 2020 they had to shut up shop to ensure the safety of staff and customers.

However, following the ethos of this amazing business they decided to keep the community going, providing a selection of baked goods and distribution it through Knaresborough Delivers.

On the 21st of May Number Thirteen opened its doors to delivery and takeout service following government guidelines.

Sarah said “After re-opening and providing a delivery/ takeout service the response from our community has been amazing.”

Throughout the pandemic, the importance of ensuring your business can be reached online has become very clear to many businesses.

Knaresborough Delivers have offered its local businesses the opportunity to get their products online and provide a service that they would not have been able to provide otherwise.

Number Thirteen have had some amazing feedback after offering this service, it has allowed them to support their customers even when they were closed. Whilst gaining new customers through this service, that are now continuing to support them on and offline.

Knaresborough delivers, is a quick, easy way to offer an online service to your customers, eliminating worry of organising delivery or updating your products on a website, as this is all done for you.

When we asked Sarah what she thought of the process this is what she said.

“I have found the process really easy and simple, and having the support of the team whenever I need to update stocks or change products has been great. It also helps being a local service, because I know who is on the other end of the phone or reading my emails.”

We are overwhelmed with the support of our community and we are looking forward to continuing, our support to the local businesses.

Now more than ever we have seen an opportunity for change and Knaresborough delivers are here to make that change as easy as possible.

If you would like to learn more about how to turn your business into an online shop please contact us at finance@knaresboroughdelivers.com

Stay Safe,

Team KD