About J.B.Wilkinson & Sons

JB Wilkinson & Sons (Quality Butchers) Ltd are arguably one of the best butchers in Knaresborough.

They hear this every day from their customers, some of which have been using thems daily for many years!

JB Wilkinson & Sons acquired the Knaresborough shop in the 1980s. Selling a variety of excellent high quality meat, most of which is from local sources.

All of JB Wilkinson & Sons products have fully traceable provenance. Consequently using high quality meat suppliers means that you are guaranteed excellent flavour and satisfaction with JB Wilkinson & Sons products.

Whilst JB Wilkinson & Sons will always offer traditional butchers meat cuts, they have also developed excellent highly recommended sausages, pies and pre prepared recipes. These are freshly made every day at their Rawdon HQ.

Furthermore all JB Wilkinson & Sons stores also offer their own brand condiments to compliment their range of high quality meat products.