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Hirst's Bakery - Essential Bread Package
Hirst’s Bakery – Essentials Bread Package

Traditional tin loaves and delicious rolls, baked fresh every morning. Each Hirst’s essential bread package includes: 1x White loaf 1x Wholemeal loaf 6x White breadcakes 6x Wholemeal breadcakes  

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Hirst's Bakery - Traditional Yorkshire Pasties
Hirst’s Bakery – Traditional Yorkshire Pasties

Two flaky pastry pasties, filled with minced beef, onions can carrots. Freshly baked every morning.

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Hirst's Bakery - Large and small Sourdough
Hirst’s Bakery – Sourdough’s

Baked fresh every morning! Packed with flavour from Hirst’s very own sourdough starter! All Hirst’s do is add flour, water and a little salt each morning to bake the perfect sourdough. Sometimes the simple things are the best. 1x sourdough

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Hirst's Bakery - Rascals
Hirst’s Bakery – Rascal

A large enriched, fruity scone. Decorated with cherries and flaked almonds. 1x rascal

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Hirst's Bakery - Current Teacakes
Hirst’s Bakery – Yorkshire Current Teacakes

Light and sweet. Baked fresh daily. Best served with lashings of butter and a nice cup of Yorkshire tea!

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Hirst's Bakery - Bread & Butter Pudding
Hirst’s Bakery – Bread & Butter Pudding

One of Hirst’s most popular products! Baked to perfection using local, fresh eggs, double cream and butter. To heat, place in a hot oven for 15 to 20 minutes, until piping hot.

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Hirst's Bakery - Yorkshire Curd Tarts
Hirst’s Bakery – Yorkshire Curd Tart

Made with fresh Longley Farm curd, butter, sugar and eggs. Hirst’s have given us this true Yorkshire classic to deliver to you. 1x curd tart

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Hirst's Bakery - Ginger Cake
Hirst’s Bakery – Ginger Cake

A dark, sweet and spicy cake. Made with black treacle, cinnamon and plenty of ginger. 1x ginger cake

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Hirst's Bakery - Farmhouse Fruitcake
Hirst’s Bakery – Farmhouse Fruitcake

A delicious fruit cake with cherries, sultanas and currents. 1x fruitcake

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Hirst's Bakery - Madeira Cake
Hirst’s Bakery – Madeira Cake

The traditional Madeira cake. Plain but exceptionally moreish! 1x Madeira cake

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